We think we have exceptional students but you don’t have to take our word for it!! READ ON!!

*Students Names have been replaced with ‘Student’ for privacy.

~Very professional staff. Clean relaxing atmosphere. Very enjoyable! Love it! 5/20/2021

~ I found this to be a great experience and feel it is a great opportunity you are providing for your students! Although I reside a significant distance, I most certainly would travel to go again, for two reasons, I am a very strong advocate for students who are needing and seeking to succeed to gain experience and the services are top notch! It was a great experience and really do feel it is a unique and great opportunity for both the recipient and the students! As an institution you should be proud! Keep up the awesome work! 5/16/2021

~Very great quality service 5/19/2021

~Was a great experience. 5/2/2021

~Really great experience, definitely coming back & telling friends! 5/1/2021

~’Student’ was extremely professional. I am very satisfied with the services she provided and I look forward to my next visit. 5/1/2021

~Excellent service ! ‘Student’ is amazing! I will be back! 4/25/2021

 ~’Student’ is incredibly talented. She did a fantastic job on my lash extensions! I will be back for a fill! 4/25/2021

~Great experience 4/7/2021

~’Student’ did an awesome job! Thank you to her and the school. 3/29/2021

~Awesome! 3/25/2021

~Thank you ‘Student’! 3/18/2021

~ I’ve already made another appointment to come back to see ‘Student’ and have other services done. She is wonderful!!! 3/15/2021