Specialized Esthetic Training School

The FIRST and only school in Minnesota that specializes in Esthetic Training.

Small and Specialized…Just the way we like it!

Basic Esthetic Training~600 hours

On Line and hard copy curriculum. Milady Standard Esthetics as your starting point…

Follow up with Advance Practice Aesthetics~
500 hours

We will use Milady Advance Curriculum along with Aesthetics Exposed and other Advance Training Publications to share and guide you along with the EXPERIENCE of your Educators! Over 75 years of accumulated experience to be shared with you daily.

Esthetic Training in Action~

The best way to learn is through experience. We pride ourselves in our ‘HANDS ON ASAP’ approach. With small classes, 10 students or less, we have the ability to offer more one on one than other schools.

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why Hands On is important to mastering skills. Firstly, the only way to truly learn a skill is by actually doing what you’ll have to do in the real world. Secondly, I think practice can be a fun way of putting in the necessary hours. There are, however, some people who will disagree. Thirdly, and most importantly, it is said that people tend to remember only 10-20% of what they read or hear. Moreover, that number rises to as much as 90% when you put theory to practice. In conclusion, following up explanation with Hands On is key to mastering a skill. 

Finally…. The School I have always wanted to see!!
Barabara Baruth, Owner/Educator


The Institute of Advanced Aesthetics objective is to produce Highly Trained and Well Educated Graduates for Clinics, Spas and Salons. We are Committed to Excellence in the Processes of Basics through Advanced Aesthetic Education. The Educational System and and Programs are updated constantly to keep up with Technology and Insure the Highest Quality of Education possible.

The Institute